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10 benefits of having a boyfriend.

10 benefits of having a boyfriend

I sometimes go crazy about girls who move about shouting on this planet that “All men are the same” ouch!!!! I guess the world is about 7billion or more in population, why on earth should a sweet girl like you conclude that all men are the same? or please can you let me understand?

see 10 benefits of having a boyfriend

    1. companion-kudos to the sweet girls in the street that their boyfriend got their back!!!! nice boyfriend always keep us company whenever we are bored. they must not be physically present. sometimes they do so through social media or any chatting platform.


    1. He is always there whenever you are stressed up with up and down of life.


    1. He become your motivator by always encouraging not to stay low on whatever you engage yourself to.


    1. He support your dream to be that great woman you have always aim to be ,either finacially, spiritually or whatever way.


    1. Trust me on this. “Any lucky guy who know your worth won’t let you feel single while you are dating him


    1. women are really too soft. am i lying baby girl? You act crazy sometimes right? yup we do. That cute, handsome dude will be there to show you how special you are, no matter how crazy you seem to be.


    1. He will satisfy you emotionally , reducing the risk of jumping from one dick to another.


    1. He share your joy and pains with you. Always on the positive side to see you are good


    1. You doubt he is not crying silently whenever you have a quarell?. His actions whenever he tries to make you feel he need you in his life make you feel  you are wanted.


  1. add any benefit of having a boyfriend you got for us today…..BIG KISS TO YOU.


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