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signs that your marriage will end in divorce

 The trending rate of divorce nowadays tends to make fresh young girls and guys cold whenever they remember they will settle down with someone someday. If you are  careless about your marriage there are 75% signs that your marriage will end in divorce

signs that your marriage will end in divorce:

    • As a woman, If you married before the age of 18, there is 40% that your marriage will end in divorce. WHY? merely looking into the world, people who married when they are younger lack experience. They have less bond with people. At a certain age, let say25 or 28 they will like to taste the sweetness of having a different relationship with certain people which lead to cheating and finally end in divorce.

    • If one of the partners wants a child more than the other. Let us say as a woman you want a male child and your partner wants a female child. Theirs is 30% of ending in divorce if the both of you don’t hope to GOD to bless you with anyone.

    • If in the past you cohabited with your EX-LOVER than your current spouse, there is 58% chance you might end in divorce than someone who has never cohabited.

    • If one partner smoke and the other don’t, there is 91% chance to divorce than a smoker who got married to a smoker.

    • The family first child was born less than 8months after getting married. So, a shotgun ceremony is intuitively not the best way to start your union. But did you know it makes you 24% more likely to call it quits?

    • If your partner is into medicals like being a nurse OR he is into the military, there is at least 27% chance of divorce because of the nature of their job.

  • When the wife becomes the breadwinner of the family, The husband tends to feel low.

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