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8 fastest way to get over a breakup

Are you heartbroken? Cry no more my dear friend.

The rate  of breakup in this century is quite alarming. Nobody want to work out his or her relationship anymore, rather they call it a quit. But don’t you think working it out can be the best? If you still insist that you need to move on, below is the best useful tips on how to move on after a break up.

    1. The greatest mistake you can make is jumping into a relationship immediately after a break up.


    1. Take your time, make new Good friends and go out with them.


    1. Don’t lock your self up in the room yelling all day. Omg!! Why locking yourself up? You really special to catch someone again…jump out of your bed,wipe your tears and do engage yourself in things that make you happy!!


    1. The faster you accept that he didn’t come into this world with you, the better you heal. Don’t stalk around his profiles on social media


    1. Don’t ask his or her friends how he or she is doing..probably they will let him or her know ..probably you giving them more reasons to feel you miss them


    1. Don’t update your wall with stupid words like” oh am heartbroken, need an advice blah blah!. Oh common baby be positive. Anything wrong with updating ” my best moment ever” don’t you think your partner will start feeling bad that you are equally enjoying yourself while you are suppose to be in pains? Think twice


    1. Don’t throw away their picture or delete them on social network , rather upload hot pic of yours to show off and pass the message you are equally doing great without them.


    1. Pick their calls whenever they ring your phone. Note: be brief and really sound like you really good and even perfectly doing great without them.


  1. Don’t just cry all night…you are really special dearie!!! Their is a reason they didn’t make it to the future…… Try to wipe your tears and move on…… Love you!

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