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Advice me: He raped my mother: I want to quit my marriage .

My mum who lost her husband 19 years ago is trying to tear my marriage apart.

My husband is fond of drinking a lot whenever we have a little misunderstanding or fight.

I invited my mum over, to talk to my husband the exact day it clocked two months my husband stopped talking to me because of his goods that was seize by custom officers.he kept on blaming me at every opportunity.

That night my mum came , he was calm as if everything is fine until I brought up the topic of not giving me attention for about two months now. My husband was very annoyed to the extent he injured our last daughter when rushing out of the house.

I took her to the hospital that evening, and decided to leave her with a friend.

I  rushed to the house to get money to deposit…behold I caught my husband on top of my 51 year old mother.

I felt the world coming to an end…..what really happened? Why always me?

I collapsed on the sofa . my husband held me asking for forgiveness, trying to explain its not my mums fault but he got drunk after he ran out of the house.

“I came home and met my mother and devil pushed me to rape her” ..blah blah

As its now, am really down and I can’t just forgive my mum even if its not her fault.

Please I need a public opinion on this…should I end my marriage or what should I just do? Am writing with tears and pains……….

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