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How To Date Successful Women And Not Feel  Like Less Of a Man

If you are one of those men who feel intimidated and always hit up your friends/internet searching for tips about How To Date Successful Women And Not Feel  Like Less Of a Man, I suggest you read up on these tips to help you deal with dating successful women.

If dating a more successful than you is a blow to your ego, you’d better change your mindset before you lose a diamond that might just be innocently in love with you just because of your ego.


Obviously, all men are different, and to generalize an entire gender would be wrong. There will always be men, regardless of how much the times change, who hold up the male chauvinism glory days of the 1950s as the golden social model. With that said, for the most part, men are not intimated by strong and successful women. In fact, most men find these qualities very attractive and will brag to their friends and family about what a smart, great girl they have found.

Hello darling, if  you consistently say things like this in your head

“Wow, you’re really accomplished…”

“I find you kind of intimidating…”

or, “I don’t feel like I have any room to be the man in the relationship…”


Then this message of How To Date Successful Women And Not Feel  Like Less Of a Man is for you.

  • Don’t see her as a bank account or a title but as every other woman, you see around.

Just because she has a career and lots of money, it still makes her any other ordinary woman. So, why not try focusing on what she likes to eat, what kind of music she listens to, what animals does she like? Why not focus on the human she is?

  • Don’t be intimidated because you can’t afford something for her.

You guys put a pressure on yourself and hope you know that?  Whether you buy her Porsche car or not, a woman who loves you will always love you; just get this into your brain.  Have you wondered why no matter how much that rich man spend on his woman, she still runs to that poor man at the street? Oh, honey, it’s all about your personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you actually understand this, you will actually know How To Date Successful Women And Not Feel  Like Less Of a Man


  • Don’t look at it as a competition.

Please don’t risk everything just because you want to be on the same level as your girl. If you do that, your level of grudge that you have will increase and you might be in heavy debt, which eventually burn a hole in your pocket. If your girlfriend cares so much about what brands you wear, the countries you visited and such, then she’s probably not worth being with.


  • Make sure you Have fun together.

Understand that despite her busy schedule, a woman is a woman! even though she has a firm of her own and has to go for business trips, it does not mean she’s never thought about you. Surrounded by her very hectic schedule, if she still makes time for you then you know that’s special to her.


  • Split the bill.

This topic of splitting the bill is still in the debate as often as I can count. You guys will have to commit to got through this kind of process. Now, having said that, if she offers to pay for the meal, be humble and accept it graciously so next time when you guys go have dinner you can take your turn to pay.



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