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How to make love to a man

How to make love to a man can be explained as connecting with your partner emotionally and not just about sex.

Will you be surprise if I tell you that men  really go crazy when touch at some certain places on their body?Do you know how to make love to a man? 

Let me tell you a secret: Their is some hot moves men want from a woman but they are nervous to ask for it.

You might be uncomfortable on how to go about  it at first but you shouldn’t be. I will guide you till you learn…

    1.  Feel very comfortable- The most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable with him in order to begin.


    1. Be fun – Forget about the movies you see, forget about the gist, real life sex is not easy to be compared with what you watch in movies. I can remember trying a new position with my partner and I fell down from the bed ….we just joke about and continued.


    1. Make him go wild on bed- I do prefer touching him from the feet. Like rubbing his feet to get it warm,while one of your hand fondle his big thing.


    1. You have to be naughty: women always try hard to hide their bad girl image. They don’t want him to think they are weird  but men want you to talk dirty, say those killing words to make him so high and feel like grabbing you immediately.


    1. Go wild:- You still confuse about how to make love?  Grab his arm,put it around your waist. You need to pull a move so wild that he won’t be able to forget it the next day.


    1. Skin to skin: – make as much body contact with him. Remember making love is about connecting with your partner emotionally and not just about sex. I guess that is why missionary, spooning positions re the best if you want to have skin to skin contact with your partner.


    1. Sucking his nipple: Some men don’t play with this. If your man enjoy this, start by twearking the nipple with your finger and try licking it slowly with your tongue.


    1. Kiss him passionately, make him feel special with your kiss. Lick his body from A-z , it do get men so crazy.


    1. You will win him over if you just start making love to him out of the blue. he will feel you boost his ego.


    1. Talk about the experience when you are done to be sure you did the right thing incase of next time.


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