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6 mistakes to avoid in a relationship

mistakes to avoid in a relationship-We should ensure that we deal with a relationship intelligently. Making our relationships more intimate and secure is a continuous learning process.

To keep your relationship strong and happy, you must always avoid the mistakes that could kill your relationship. Maintaining it with the right ways and tactics will keep the relationship happy and lasting.

What are the most common top mistakes to avoid in a relationship?

Initially, it might seem impossible to follow all of this advice, but after applying a little effort, you will find out they are not that hard you initially think. And the effort is worthy of results. A great positive influence in your relationship will make happy both of you.

  1. – Suspicious and jealous –   well-going relationship needs trust between each other. If one of the party gets suspicious easily even over the slightest issues, the quarrel will start to become a habitual thing. Worse still, some became abusive.
  2.  Lying-Both parties have to learn to be honest with each other. One of the contributing causes to breakups or divorces is not being honest with each other. Having an affair is one of the most common dishonest act in a relationship.

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  3. Comparing your current partner with the previous one-Nobody like to be compared. Please do not compare their looks, qualities or characters with the previous boyfriends or girlfriends. Remember, you love your current partner as what they are and who they are. Your current partner and your ex-are totally 2 different people. I know many people love to say things like, “Do you know my ex will do this for me but yet you are not doing this.” This can be very hurting and can end up in a quarrel which is very bad for the relationship.
  4. Do not rake up the past issues many couples will rake up the past issues when they are quarreling. This can be one of the fatal mistakes to end a relationship. Since everything was over, why not talk about the present instead of the past, right?
  5. Spend enough quality time- spending not enough time with your partner is as good as not giving yourself a good time to understand them. Your partner might have a problem or happy things to share and you may be the only person that they want to share their sorrows or happiness.
  6. Not being communicative- You may think this is easy but the fact is that you should listen to your partner and understand what he has to say, rather than try to read between the lines. For instance, he may be making a general statement about obesity and you may decide to interpret it as a direct rebuff on yourself, especially, if you are conscious of the weight you have put on recently.

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