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Should i be upset at my boyfriend or am,i over-reacting ? ? ?

dear relationshipvilla, please hide my id

I will try to explain this situation best i can without sounding like im some over-reacting pyscho case female.

Ive been with my younger boyfriend of 10 yrs for coming up to 3 yrs now and living with him 2 of those years with my two teenage children who have become his step children, only last week he was sacked from a job he’d only held down for 3 weeks because of some girl that works with him emailing me to tell me my boyfriend flirts with girls at work he sits by all day…anyhows he got sacked for confronting this girl at work and he has just gone into a new job and been there for nearly 2 weeks and he came home yesterday and told me he was taking a wee in the office toilets at work and he heard a strange noise out the back of the building where he works…which is seedy and remote with abandoned lonely lanes and alley ways…anyhows he told he that he stepped outside to investigate what the noise was and he saw an herion addict very young female in her late teens to early twenties injecting drugs in this abandoned lane…then another young female with her appeared in this abandoned alley way too , he told me he asked them what they were doing out there and told them to clear off but they didnt listen to him, so he went to call one of the other gent that work with him , then my boyfriend told me that him and this other gent from work stood there and watched these two young herion addicted ladies start taking their tops off and swapping tops. this kind of made me a little alarmed at my boyfriend for continuing to stand there and stare at the first girl taking her top off then he told me the second also joined in and started taking off her top too and was baring one of her breasts…i mean wouldnt a decent boyfriend at immediately when he saw the first lady start to take off her top walk away and think they’d saw enough? …well thats my opinion…i do have lots of other reason to believe my boyfriend is a flirt and he,s not been shy in the relationship to show me he likes to look at hot chicks infront of me…this situation as also alarmed me because we live in a city where this kind of thing in seedy alley ways happens alot with drug addicts hanging out the back of business and there is also been an history of these young female addicts offering themselves sexually to fund their drug addictions…do you think i should be concerned that my boyfriend openly came home and admitted he stares at this kind of thing when im not with him?….no insults please…i need mature advice on this situation?

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