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how to show your girlfriend you love her

how to show your girlfriend you love her-It is easy for a man to see a lady and fall in love with her based on some factors such as her physical looks, voice and more but for the love to last long, there is a crucial need for the love to be soul-based on all ramifications. When you love her soul, she will love you the woman way if she is also sincerely attracted to you. In this article, we will be considering some tips that will serve as guides to help you love your lady’s soul and not just her body and also how to show your girlfriend you love her.It is hard work but very important as long as maintaining your relationship/marriage is concerned.

Men they say are moved by what they see while women by what they hear. This means love to men is physical while to the women is spiritual (affection) as words are involved. To make a woman feel loved is to show her utmost affection and care on all base. When you are in a relationship and fail to show your woman enough affection, you will find out that she will seek for it elsewhere though a lady who is not into you could still cheat on you despite your sincere love and care we won’t talk about that aspect for now. So loving her soul is a must-do to get the woman in her out for your own good and enjoyment as the man.

As the man in a relationship/marriage, you have work to do on your woman so that she will reciprocate love, respect, and support to your visions, goals and missions in life on a daily basis. This is the desire of everyman; to have a woman who understands him and stands by him through thick and thin.


So let’s get down to the tips below on how to show your girlfriend you love her

  1. Accept her ways of reasoning:

Most men frustrate their spouse by belittling their way of reasoning. That is absolutely wrong because it makes her feel she has no value in your sight. No matter how childish or absurd she thinks and talks, listen to her first and then later out of sincere love that has no mockery in it speak with her and correct her. If you do this, she will value it and respect you more because she will know that she has a man who can show her positive paths to follow when she’s missing a track.

  1. Understand her Aspirations in life:

Every woman has her own kind of desires and wants. So you have to know that of your spouse and try always to understand her and not judge her. Whenever she shows you her true self in strength and weakness, understand that she wants you to know her in and out for the sole aim of bonding so don’t fail this exam of not knowing your woman’s aspirations, desires, and goals.

She’s there to support your vision and goals no doubt but hers too deserves some sincere recognition and care from you as well. This will strengthen her in loving you back because by this, she will feel wanted and respected and hence reciprocate it in large quantity to you because women are incubators as said by Late Dr. Myles Munroe.


  1. Be more affectionate than Logical with her:

Hey man! She is not a child or a toy. Men are naturally logical and women, emotional. But in the circle of love, logic should be less as it will make her feel manipulated and she will opt out. Be real with her but show her more affection than logical reasoning and conclusions. You know why? Women interpret affection as love and men respect as love. So do well to understand her feelings per time and stand by her because you will need her in your life big time later.


  1. Be Her Hiding Place in Joy and Pain:

When she’s down, stand up for her sake to source her with strength to be back on her feet. Even if the situation was all her fault, just be there for her. Never let her look for refuge elsewhere other than you. This way, she will see and know you as her man/lord and above all her sweet lover of all times of life (joy and pain). Never leave her hanging in her troubles alone. Stay in the mud with her and be happy with her in her good times as well. Even if it will cost you, just do it and you will see her love you back loyally the deeper than you ever thought.

  1. Unconditionally Love her for no reason:

Most men make the mistake of loving a woman for a reason but that is not the way to go far in the deal of love. Love for no reason often times lasts longer than love based on factors because the day the factor vanishes, the love dies immediately. If you love your woman conditionally, stop and start again this time without factors in mind. This is important so that when the romance, the flares, and other sweetness vanishes, your friendship will sustain you both to help you both bounce back together and wax stronger in true love as supposed.


Love they say is a beautiful thing but also know that it involves acts of sincerity and honesty for it to operate without bounds. Start today to love your spouse the soul way.


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