Signs that your wife needs more attention from you.

I guess you are so worried about your wife attitude toward you recently. Are you so worried to the extent you can do anything to save your marriage? okay! you are welcome.

Here are the signs that your wife needs more attention from you.

if you want to build a happy family, you should learn how to shower your wife with attention and she won’t fail to reciprocate.

    1. when she constantly nag you over things that she normally overlook.


    1. when she say she misses you so often than before, she is trying to say something. Probabaly, she don’t know how voice out her feelings.


    1. She make you feel she is no longer important to your life. hey honey, Learn to make decisions with her, keep her informed and you’ll realize your life is easier.


    1. she attack you at every opportunity. you begin to wonder what you have done to deserve it. you should listen to her and you will find out that all she need is undivided attention.


  1. She always make you feel guilty whenever things you took decision by yourself tend to fail. you will be surprise seeing your wife feeling so happy about it. She is not happy but all she has in mind is this” if this fellow got me involve , ……………….

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