Break up advice! I Broke up with my Long Distance Boyfriend and now I’am scared.

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    Hey everyone,
    Last night I broke up with my Long Distance Boyfriend, we’ve been in this LDR for 6 months and we didn’t get to see each other, but he was someone I knew in person not just some internet guy. The first months were so good but then things started to get heavy. I got so insecure and started interpreting everything as a rejection from his side, I became clingy and jealous. And on the other hand he became agressive everytime and just kept yelling at me. Comunication was not a strong point of our relationship and I always felt misunderstood. I would explain myself to the point of feeling exhausted and he would feel annoyed. Last night we fought and afterwards I sent him a break up message, he didn’t find it fair and that I wasn’t appreciating our relationship but I was throwing it away just because of “a fight”. But I couldn’t tolerate the way he talked to me and he thought that I was the only one that should change behaviour. In the end he told me he loves me, I told him the same and that I will miss him.
    Today I feel like nothing has happened and like we will get back together soon, cause he kinda let the door open. But I’m so afraid of the sadness I’ll feel afterwards. Imiss him so much. I have to write my thesis but can’t focus on it. Any advice how to handle it?

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