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    I did the hardest thing I ever have done in my life. I have cut off Tanvi, my best friend the only person I deemed worthy of being at my side, how I wished our relationship would work out like a fairytale in the end. Alas, that just happens in the movies and not in real life. Because real life is hard work, it’s a continuous struggle to act in ways society deems fit else you are an outcast. So I did what society wanted me to do, and lost her. I do feel like I am more myself now than ever before it was like I was pretending to be this other person I was not.
    I hope life has something good in store for me after all my struggles I never intended to hurt anyone intentionally I always looked for the best in people and so I come to know that everyone has a different concept about love, and how its supposed to be. Having said that men have a  tendency to be physical at first and then seek a connection , women seek a connection first and make themselves tough to get , then get physical. I have never been in a physical relationship I have always been in a mental relationship , all of my emotions for her have been theoretical and these have never been tested in the real world. There aren’t a lot of people like me, i hope to find that one person who I will get along with and my watch continues.
    We dated 8 years ago for 4 months.
    I have known her for 8 years, she considers me her best friend.
    Some context about me: I am 25 years old , recently graduated from NYU, international student who is currently unemployed.Indian.
    Context about her: She is 23 years old, getting married to a CPA next year. He is a guy she met at work and is currently her BF.She is British-Indian.

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