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    Never gotten a date after six years, why?here’s the convo:

    Hey, how’s your week going so far?

    It’s going alright. Will be better when it’s over lol. How about yours dear?

    Mines going fine, just switched jobs so it feels like it’s going a little slower than normal. Maybe just the change in routine. So, what brings you to online dating?

    I’m just not looking to meet someone in a bar. And online you can usually see if you have common interests before even talking lol. What about you?

    I guess I can say I can meet alot more ppl I normally wouldn’t get the chance too. It’s like there’s only a limited number of ppl you get to know from your friends and thru work. Did u grow up in Avon?

    I did not. I grew up in Brazil. Bought a house in Plainfield almost 2 years ago. Did you?

    No but I do have a cousin that lives in Avon I think. Brazil is close to terre haute isn’t it? I grew up in northern Indiana and moved down here about six years ago. I still go up there every few months to visit family. Did you move there for work?

    Like half olhour away from terre haute. I moved to Plainfield for my ex for his work. But I also always wanted to live in Plainfield

    I’m not too far from bean blossom. At least I live close to Nashville so I’m not too far in the boonies. What type of industry do you do quality for?

    Automotive. Specifically Subaru

    I worked machining auto parts for Toyota for five years. Is there a Subaru plant in Indy? Ive only everI’m a Subaru supplier.

    In greencastle. But we supply parts to Lafayette I only work five days

    You’re lucky then haha. That’s the reason I left there was because I was tired of only getting one day off a month.what do you like to do on your days off?

    I like to hang out with friends. Netflix. Go out and explore Indy more. Try new foods. Pokémon go

    Hey how was your weekend?

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